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You are an accomplished telephone salesperson in search of a Dream Team. You are articulate and comfortable talking to people over the telephone and in person. You love making new friends, are an active listener, and understand that people need leadership and help to solve their problems and create new opportunities.

You are motivated to learn and to earn a high income and know that the only way you can succeed is by your clients succeeding and you assist them to succeed by engaging them over the telephone to join us for leadership, personal, or business development seminars.


Company Summary:

We are the exclusive licensee for Goldzone Programs and Services within the territory of Singapore.

We help leaders to master the new rules of leadership for the new economy. Transform thinking from employee, individual, and entrepreneur to LEADER. Upgrade skills and reinvent yourself, your team, and your organization!

Goldzone Center – Singapore houses a boutique wellness center, medical clinic, and leadership development consulting, coaching, and training center. Our clients are professionals, executives, and business owners. We offer innovative products and services to transform individuals’ health, reduce stress, manage chronic conditions, improve efficiency, transform leaders, teams, and organizations to accelerate growth.


Employment Status:

  • Full time. Typical hours are 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.


  • Singapore.

Position Summary:

As a Telemarketer, you are a vital part of the sales team. You spend your days on the telephone talking with both prospective and existing clients, inviting them to attend one of the company’s seminars or following up with them after they have attended a seminar. You enjoy a high level of client intimacy. Your tools are an iPhone, iPad Pro, and our customized client Relationship Management System. You work closely with the Relationship Managers to schedule appointments, share client information, and work as a team. After succeeding as a Telemarketer, your career can develop to become a Relationship Manager, Coach, and Seminar Leader.

Position Purpose:

The purpose of this role is to engage with and support clients, turning them into lifetime clients who benefit from our educational programs and services and refer other like-minded clients.

Reports To:

  • Client Development Director.


Total Package on Target: $8,000 per month.

The compensation package is comprised of; Salary, Bonus, and, Educational Benefit.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Calling clients and prospects to invite them to both free and paid seminars.
  • Calling clients registered in events to confirm attendance, venue directions, start times, etc.
  • Calling clients to invite them to social events.
  • Updating client records in the company database.
  • Calling seminar attendees after an event to schedule appointments for a Relationship Manager to meet with them.


Minimum of 2 years of telemarketing experience. Excellent communication skills. Enjoy helping people and being of service. Results-oriented.

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