Let’s create more meaningful, fulfilling & fun jobs, careers & relationships.

Free enterprise and mutual self-interest are the most powerful forces for doing good, adding value, driving social cooperation and human progress. Millions of people have been lifted out of poverty and enjoy more productive and meaningful lives due to the jobs and careers created by enterprising individuals engaged in voluntary exchange.

We believe that in order to be happy and fulfilled, a person must be engaged in meaningful work that channels their talent, creativity, self-expression, and passions in purposeful ways that add value to themselves and others. Escalating challenges drive deep engagement.

New-Paradigm Leadership

Partnership, Cooperation, and Teamwork foster hyper-creativity, high-performance and promote equality, productivity, self-initiative, and personal responsibility.

The pursuit of Personal Mastery requires a dedication to lifelong learning which will make anyone a LEADER.

Personal Leadership promotes openness, ownership, and responsibility. Problems are more easily solved and positive results are the natural outcome. Leadership at all levels promotes equality and includes everyone in decisions that impact them. A formal hierarchy distributes authority however decision-making is done cooperatively. This limits abuse of power and promotes equality.

This is not decision-making by committee! The leader with the formal authority is still accountable for the decision and the results, however, the entire organization is fully engaged.

An organization comprised of leaders adds up to a leading organization.

Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical ENGAGEMENT

Including people in the decisions, results and benefits lead to engagement on all levels. If all the power and benefits accrue to only a few at the top and yet the team is responsible for making it work, and fear is used to enforce compliance to top-down autocratic decision-making, then short term compliance, lack of loyalty, lack of creativity, and disengagement become the norm.

We believe an empowered, organization of leaders, who cooperate, partner, and synergize will outperform one that isn’t. This enables our organization to tap overlooked opportunities and hidden assets that exist in our human capital.

People First

A business exists to serve people, to add value to society, and to enrich all the stakeholders. We believe that this model of commerce places the value in the right place, leads to a better workplace, greater stakeholder engagement, deeper client intimacy, enhanced loyalty, and is the key to sustainability. Besides, who wants to work for a company that values profits over people? 

By charging fair prices for our products and services and in turn paying fair prices to our vendors, partners, and team members allows for sufficient profits to reinvest in research, development, and infrastructure to continue our work.

Sustainable & Social Responsibility

At Goldzone, we believe that companies have a responsibility to tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.

Contribution & Giving

We believe that selfless giving and contribution to others is the cornerstone of successful living and business.

Each Goldzone Group company vests 5% of its equity to the Goldzone Foundation and over a year, each team member spends a minimum of 5% of their working time on Foundation projects.

The Goldzone Foundation supports a variety of non-profit projects including; sponsoring artists and musicians, inspiring community leaders, medical research including; diet and nutrition, preventative medicine, chronic disease prevention, and management.

honesty, integrity, openness, live our values, consciousness,
equality, partnership, cooperation, and team

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