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You are an accomplished Sales Director, Senior Consultant, or Lead Coach searching for a Dream Team. You are articulate and comfortable talking to people on the phone, in groups, and in person.

You are a dynamic individual with proven leadership ability to influence, develop and empower the sales team to achieve objectives with a team approach while maintaining focus on the Company’s strategic goals.

You have an outstanding record of sales achievements.  You are enthusiastic about developing, maintaining, and building close affinity with clients. You possess technical expertise and are unafraid to “roll up your sleeves.” You pride yourself on your ability to communicate value to clients in a way that culminates in long-term client relationships and loyalty.

You love making new friends, are an active listener, and understand people need leadership and help to solve their problems and create new opportunities.

You know that the only way you can succeed is through your team’s success. You are motivated to succeed, earn a high income, and receive the highest levels of recognition! You are passionate about your team’s success and work tirelessly to ensure they earn a high income, are recognized, and are rewarded.

You know that the only way the company can succeed is via your clients succeeding, and you assist them through a consultative selling approach.


Company Summary:

We are the exclusive licensee for Goldzone Programs and Services within the territory of Singapore.

We help leaders to master the new rules of leadership for the new economy. Transform thinking from employee, individual, and entrepreneur to LEADER. Upgrade skills and reinvent yourself, your team, and your organization!

Goldzone Center – Singapore houses a boutique wellness center, medical clinic, leadership development consulting, coaching, and training center. Our clients are CEOs, executives, professionals, and business owners. We offer innovative products and services to transform individuals’ health, reduce stress, manage chronic conditions, improve efficiency, and transform leaders, teams, and organizations to accelerate growth.


Employment Status:

  • Full time.

Position Summary:

As the Sales Director, you are the leader of the sales team. You spend your days on the telephone or in meetings helping your Relationship Managers with prospective and existing clients. You have an in-depth knowledge of the company’s products and services and consult with clients to help them solve problems and create opportunities. You enjoy a high level of client intimacy. Your tools are an iPhone, iPad Pro, and our customized client Relationship Management System. After succeeding in your role, your career can develop into a Managing Director, Lead Coach, Executive, or Seminar Leader.

Position Purpose:

The purpose of this role is to engage with and support our sales team, turning our clients into lifetime clients who benefit from our programs and services and refer other like-minded clients to us.

Reports To:

  • Singapore Managing Director.


Total Package on Target: $20,000 to $40,000 per month. The compensation package comprises Base Salary, Revenue Participation, and Educational Benefits.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Recruit and develop the sales team
  • Team training, alignment, and support
  • Deliver Performance Coaching
  • Monitor sales revenue targets
  • Set goals and monitor sales team performance
  • Lead the planning and development of sales campaigns
  • Align the team on weekly, and monthly direction and focus
  • Develop corporate relationships
  • Develop reseller and advocate relationships
  • Participate with the executive team to set and monitor company direction and performance
  • Ensure the well-being of the sales team
  • Present public seminars and keynote speeches


• Minimum of 2 years of successful Sales Management experience. Excellent communication skills. Enjoy helping people and being of service. Results-oriented.

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